Our Philosophy

Quality Work

We stand for quality on and off the field. We conduct regular performance reviews for players and staff to identify the areas that need improvement.  Self-reflection is necessary to produce quality work, we believe that whether player or member of staff, you can only reach your fullest potential by being honest with yourself.

Transparent Communication

Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We believe that transparent communication is the best way to create strong relationships! We hold much pride by keeping transparency within our four walls, and to all our business associates.


The efficient management of our Football Academy is key in generating long term success. We achieve our goals by keeping our management team limited to a number of people, to avoid mistakes on a big scale throughout the working process. We constantly take steps to improve our working procedures, to ensure our work gets done professionally.

Long Term Partnerships

Long-term partnerships can only hold fast on a foundation of trust. We believe in building long-term relationships with Football Clubs all around the world. We want to engage with Clubs that understand and respect our brand, applying this vice versa! We work hand in hand with our appointed ambassadors that travel all around the world to connect with many different Football Clubs in many different countries. Feel free to contact us if you want an ambassador of ours to pay your Club a visit.

“The secret is to work less as individuals and more as a team. As a coach, I play not my eleven best, but my best eleven.”
– Knute Rockne –

Fair Investments

We understand and identify ourselves with the football market on a daily basis. The measures and judgment of a player has to be feasible for a Club to make an investment in our homegrown talent.

We believe that taking time in scouting our players and connecting with our Academy is an enormous investment by itself. Investments can be made at a huge or small amount. However, we believe in taking a step at a time. The value of a player will increase as long as the development of a player does not stagnate.

We believe that it is not wise to ask Clubs to make huge investments at the beginning of a players career! Rather seeing the player develop into a world class football player is the real value we are looking for and we believe in. Accommodating the transition from West Africa to Europe and the rest of the world is what we are mostly interested in.

Character Development


Talent without discipline is a wasted opportunity. Our players know the importance of self-discipline as we teach them about it each day off and on the training ground! Dreams will always get you started but your discipline will keep you going. A lesson for life which we take very seriously at our Academy.

Respect is the keystone to a professional working relationship. All of our players are taught that respect will be an inevitable attribute to possess in order to create a long-lasting career for themselves.

Being punctual is a major attribute, which we underline to all of our players at the Academy. We use this feature to analyze the players attitude, ambition, and seriousness regarding their own careers, to determine wether it is a player we want to work with. This attribute is rarely taken serious in their upcoming environments which is why we stress on being punctual. We use different strategies and methods to train this attribute.

As a person you can love what you do, but you cannot master what you do not love.”

Success is no accident!

It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, loving what you are doing and learning to do more. All players at the Academy are thought the core principles of hard work:

  1. Investing time and determination to envision your goal.
  2. Working on your weaknesses turning them into strengths.
  3. Turning your strengths into powerful, efficient advantages on and off the field.
  4. Committing yourself by going all the way and finishing the task, you’ve set for yourself.
  5. Setting your milestones and reflecting on them regularly.

Education is a vital part of life which can never be ignored. The process of receiving and giving systematic instruction helps for the development of the mind. We have come to realize that the further the educational level of our players the smarter decisions they make on and off the field.

English, Mathematics, Sports Science are thought to too enhance the level of competency of the players. These are short term courses where the players will receive a Certification after completing the course successfully. Furthermore, we are planning to use a pedagogue to support our players off the field for the social and mental care.